About North Hill CDC

North Hill Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) is a community non-profit serving the North Hill community and fosters community assets such as The Exchange House, People’s Park and The Maker House to provide resources that foster economic development, creative placemaking, and social cohesion.


The mission of North Hill Community Development is to unite people, places, and programs in stimulating a robust and creative economy in North Hill, while anchoring a flourishing intercultural community that celebrates its vibrant diversity.


North Hill Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) serves as a nationally recognized catalyst and CDC partner for the North Hill community, engaging and empowering its members to amplify their diverse voices, share their lived experiences and, together, create the community they dream of.


Accountability: Staying true to the mission and vision of the organization which promotes transparency and best practices. NHCDC holds itself responsible for the impacts we have on the surrounding community and recognize our role to continue to grow alongside the community we serve through success and failure.

Leadership:Empowering and strengthening the leadership of our board, staff, and residents and to foster new opportunities for leadership within the community.

Equity:Creating resources for connection and engagement that authentically reflect the needs of the individual/community being served.

Belonging: Creating places and spaces that reflects the wants and needs of the community, and that create opportunity for participation and contribution towards the greater good.

Creativity: Fostering platforms for self-expression and cultural-cohesion that amplify the lived experiences of the creators, residents, and visitors alike.

Dignity: Appreciation of all living things in the world in our day-to-day lives that enhances the quality of life for all things around us.

Respect: Representing the community in the most authentic and true depiction of its residents, folding in all voices into the greater dialogue.

Justice: Collectively addressing systemic oppression and the impacts on under-represented/ under-served populations in our community.