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Immigrant Network of Akron Coordinator (IN Akron)

The IN-Akron Coordinator will foster and drive a network of service providers to collaborate with one another. They will help to cohesively develop the vision of IN-Akron to be utilized as a network that the immigrant community comes to when seeking assistance. They will report to the IN Akron Executive Team . They will be independent, community-oriented, and adaptable to changes.

IN-Akron Coordinator Job Description

● Facilitate lead team and general membership meetings
● Communicate with the community about what IN-Akron is and offers such as developing a regular form of quarterly communication (ex. Newsletter) for the immigrant community where each org has space to share – each org translates their materials
● Update with a periodic summary of needs that were listed, met, and fulfilled including generating a flowchart that will help link unique needs with services
● Coordinate with the web developer to build and maintain a website and social media platforms with organizations’ information and Immigrant/Refugee FAQs (Ex.
● Monitor requests from the listserv and follow up with the organization liaisons in order to get services delivered
● Other projects as determined by the lead team or general membership

● Good communication skills
● Effective community leader
● Advocate for bridging gaps in the community

● Work five (5) hours per week, $35- $45 per hour based on experience and qualifications, paid bi-monthly
● Accountable to lead team
● Work from public space at North Hill CDC or space at Family Resource Center in North High School

Confidential Application Process

To apply, please send resume to Justin Chenault, Executive Director at

NHCDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and invites all qualified applicants to apply.