Howard St. Heritage Courtyard

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Howard St. Heritage Courtyard - image 1
Howard St. Heritage Courtyard - image 2
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Howard St. Heritage Courtyard is a creative placemaking initiative focused on celebrating the diverse heritage of North Hill and the history of African Americans on Howard Street. The activation of this space seeks to cultivate investment and activity on Howard Street, inspire community engagement through art, and mitigate social inequity by featuring BIPOC artists.

Designed by Jason Flakes, this 14’ modern totem pole design, made of cinder block finished with stucco, is an homage to the indigenous populations and represents the local history. The red line on the bottom of the pole articulates the history of redlining and the horrible effects of Urban Renewal in the neighborhood. The brightly colored yellow and orange “NH” will activate all four sides and the top of the totem will be cut in a crown shape symbolizing strength and prosperity. There are two 15’ x 4’ walls attached at the bottom with four sides to be activated with murals that rotate twice a year.

Join North Hill CDC to celebrate the legacy of Howard Street Arts and Culture

NHCDC understands the importance of  public spaces that reflect the creativity of its residents and the impact of public art. We are looking for community members passionate about creating new experiences, supporting local artists and working collaboratively to build active public spaces.

Committee members will work collaboratively to select local artists, for Akron's first interchangeable mural wall, through evaluation of their portfolio submissions. Artists will be chosen twice per year, with the first art to be chosen by September, 2023

Join the Committee

Committee members will have the opportunity to participate in designing the Howard Street Heritage Courtyard opening day ceremony and other art and culture events

The frequency and location of meetings will be determined by the committee for the convenience of the volunteers.

Site plan
Howard Street Heritage Courtyard site plan

Status: Work In Progress

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