North Hill Enhancement Plan

Thomas Starinsky is an urban planning and place design professional with over 20 years of  experience. His skill set spans community and economic development including city and multi modal transportation planning; historic preservation and real estate development; business  assistance and retail strategy; and public art and place enhancement strategies. With this, he brings  diverse perspectives to projects to analyze and implement projects comprehensively with creativity  and innovation.

The success of community planning work relies heavily on community engagement and  organizational partnerships. Tom’s experience includes participation in important planning and  policy initiatives including Cleveland’s Equitable Community Development Working Group,  Downtown Cleveland Housing Demand Analysis, Cleveland Housing Tax Abatement Policy, Ohio  and National Main Street Initiatives, Downtown Cleveland Alliance Step Up Downtown Plan,  Cleveland Lakefront Plan, and the Innerbelt Plan and Design. This experience has led him to  develop three core values:

Collaboration with the community through thoughtful questions and active listening lead to Creative  and Innovative solutions that create places where people thrive. Authentic engagement leads to the  Evolution of cities, neighborhoods, and streets in a way that respects history and accommodates  current community needs.