Our History as an International City of Peace

Known as Akron’s International District, North Hill is a vibrant, diverse, and thriving community steeped in family and culture, and a welcoming home for many communities, including immigrants and refugees. North Hill has not only endured over the past 100 years, it has thrived, despite long-term regional economic trends that have adversely impacted its social fabric, physical infrastructure and economy. With over 20,000 residents, it is at its core a community of inclusivity, providing a safe and welcoming anchor for those emigrating, and a secure foundation for those whose histories began in North Hill. It is this coming together of neighbors that has created the rich cultural traditions that continue to be celebrated in this community, and one of the primary reasons for North Hill’s recognition as an International City of Peace.

Thanks to the leadership of Trish Ostroski, an ardent champion and former resident of North Hill, and with the support and involvement of the North Hill Community Development Corporation Board, North Hill was officially named an International City of Peace in 2021. Following a formal application process, the International Cities of Peace Association awarded the designation to North Hill, an honor that reflects this communities’ long-standing values of inclusivity and peace. In addition to this recognition, Akron, Ohio Mayor Daniel L. Horrigan issued a Proclamation naming September 21 as a recognized International Day of Peace in Akron, and North Hill as an International City of Peace.

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