The North Hill CDC Newsletter – June 2023

NoHi Food Truck Park Grand Opening

The highly anticipated grand opening of the NoHi Food Truck Park has finally arrived and it did not disappoint! It was an extraordinary time that brought together so many community members, who immersed themselves in delicious food, great music, and a celebration of our community’s boundless creativity.

The event also served as a platform for continued support of local entrepreneurs, as they embarked on their journey of building businesses, enhancing visibility, and establishing their unique brands. One highlight of the day was our community partner Proyecto Raices, who artfully showcased the richness and beauty of Cinco De Mayo, Mexican culture and heritage. Their authentic cultural performances left the audience amazed, while DJ Corally ensured the party kept going.

The second highlight was The Square Scullery, known for its exceptional curation of cocktails and mocktails. Their drinks were refreshing, full of flavor, and absolutely delicious! North Hill cannot wait for their brick-and-mortar to open!

[insert photo of children playing] The goal of our creative placemaking initiatives are to create spaces that the community wants to spend time in. We desire to see children playing, bringing more social life to the community. We also want to continue to build and provide spaces for children to wander and play.

As you make your summer plans, be sure to check our calendar for good food and music at the NoHi Food Truck Park.
If you own a food truck, are a maker or an artist, we would love to have you join us at People’s Park. If you are interested, please send an email to for more information.

Thank you for your generosity that made this grand opening possible. Through your support, we are able to celebrate a flourishing community.

771 N. Main Renovations Update

Remediations will begin soon at 771 N. Main Street, aimed at revitalizing neglected properties in our commercial corridor. Specifically focusing on Main and Howard Streets, our goal is to create a vibrant and thriving neighborhood that fulfills the needs and desires of residents.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support to make it happen! By creating affordable housing, spaces for retail and food entrepreneurs, we’ll foster a nurturing environment for businesses to grow and thrive. Your contribution will not only help us achieve our mission, but also contribute to the development of a stronger and more diverse North Hill community.

In the heart of Temple Square, the recently launched NoHi Food Truck Park has sparked tremendous excitement. It’s just the beginning of the potential that Temple Square holds to become a cultural entertainment district. By partnering with us on this remarkable project, you can be part of the transformation!

We invite you to generously join us today by helping to create a neighborhood that reflects the vibrancy, diversity and aspirations of its residents.

Exchange House: Fostering Community Impact

Exchange House has always been a cultural hub in North Hill, but the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic required us to think innovatively about providing safe and accessible spaces for community members and partners. We at the North Hill CDC are committed to understanding the needs of the community, supporting community partners, and utilizing its resources to benefit the residents of North Hill.

Our partnership with the International Institute of Akron (IAA) is in full swing. This collaboration has already served ten families from seven different countries. The Exchange House acts as a bridge, facilitating the exchange of cultures and experiences, and helping new refugee and immigrant families find a sense of community, both within the house and in their North Hill community.

Exchange House provides community-based transitional housing, enabling these families to find temporary housing while they work towards securing permanent housing in the neighborhood. Unlike traditional options such as motels, which are often located outside their future neighborhoods, Exchange House ensures that these families can stay connected to their community and gradually integrate into their new surroundings.

The new relationships that are being built, allowing families to create a sense of belonging, is all thanks to your continued partnership. Thank you for helping us make a lasting impact on the lives of North Hill residents and beyond.

You play a major part in helping us build and revitalize our North Hill community! Donate today to help us continue this crucial and important work!